“What will make you happy?”

I have a naturally self-destructive character. I subconsciously refuse happiness and welcome despair, I want for the opposite of what I possess, life to me is never satisfactory enough to call fulfilling… My… Continue reading

It’s been a while

There comes a time in every relationship where the integrity and trustability of someone is questioned. From minor insecurities mixed with paranoia to cold hard evidence, some would argue that once broken, the… Continue reading

Or I could just move to London

Do I try and save a relationship I have very little interest in being in so I don’t place myself in the situation I was 6 months ago? Quite frankly its purely stubborness… Continue reading


Why do I look on his Twitter, the Twitter account I deliberately unfollowed to prevent this unbearable self-hatred? Baby scan really? Fucking baby scan!!! Stabbing myself in the eyes with pins would be… Continue reading

He Just Renting

I’ve written several drafts of blogs lately, several confused depictions of decisions,┬ádecisions that change before I can even hit publish! 5 minutes ago I had 278 words scripted in front of me declaring… Continue reading

The strongest emotions cannot be justified by logical thinking

Why do we find it so difficult look at life objectively? How many times can we consume ourselves in our own selfish, unreasonable behaviour, behaviour we struggle to explain ourselves? At what point… Continue reading