Sometimes what’s on the outside counts

I cant help but feel my boyfriend’s ashamed to acknowledge me as his partner in front of the rest of the world, his friends and family’s opinions may not mean much to him, but… Continue reading

“I think I wanna marry you!”

The happier you are the harder the fall, the scarier the thought… I nearly lost it all, one stupid, thoughtless, selfish mistake surrounded by illogical thoughts and nostalgic emotions… I thought I’d lost… Continue reading

If you love me let me go?

Day 2 Maybe it should have been if you love me let me go… I don’t know whether I’m coming or going, I have no idea whether when I wake up tomorrow morning… Continue reading

If you don’t love me let me go

A lot of my posts on here since meeting Gavin have been about our relationship and the past 18 months it spanned, those 18 months contained a lot to talk about, enough drama… Continue reading

“I don’t want to keep making you sad”

Why can’t we go back to how things used to be? When you’d bring me Subway and couldn’t keep your hands off me all day everyday, when you’d look at me like the… Continue reading

In another life

When will this all end? When will it all stop hurting so much? I don’t want to be part of us anymore, I don’t want to cry this many tears! I’m sorry my… Continue reading