Ground control to Major Tom

At 19 I rarely delve into my past to attempt work out how it has an effect of my present feelings, In some respects there’s not much depth to my character- It’s very… Continue reading


That awkward moment when you realize the highlight of your Friday night is the new episode of Drop Dead Diva and Chase! I feel quite restless, uneasy almost… There’s something playing on my… Continue reading

Dear Old Nicki → This song makes me miss the old me, throughout life we all go through phases of change, and it’s usually after a seemingly important incident that this happens… The thought that… Continue reading


DON’T LIKE IT? DON’T READ IT… I’d stop you if I bloody knew how! BANTER ♥

Confusion of the heart?

The banter when your best friend has a dream about you and S getting married, followed shortly by a quick divorse- due to commitment issues on both behalves (surprise, surprise!)  S then turns… Continue reading

BoomBoom;BoomBoom… iWant you in my room!

The awkward moment when you have to physically run around your block of flats trying to hide from your new stalker! All I wanted to do was bloody get in, it wouldn’t be… Continue reading