That Girl…

I don’t want to be that girl! The one I used to look at and wondered why she believed everything he said? The one I considered moronic,  for when the whole world screamed “it’s a lie” she stood there deaf and dumb to reality!

Until you become that girl you will never understand her!

I don’t know if I’m that girl! 

What if everything I was so sure was true, wasn’t? Or what if it was and I remain in denial?.. Am I wrong or is he? Was it me and him or him and her? Who wins? Who looses?

Does any of this even matter?

Both fact and fiction will remain hidden… And he doesn’t love me anymore…

I all leads back to, he doesn’t love me anymore?

He doesn’t want me and I’m left standing so CONFUSED… What has even happened? 

… Shit what has even happened!?