Or I could just move to London

Do I try and save a relationship I have very little interest in being in so I don’t place myself in the situation I was 6 months ago?
Quite frankly its purely stubborness which is even inviting these thoughts, I don’t particulary want to give G the satisfaction of knowing his destroyed yet another one of my relationships by refusing to leave me be. And if I do become single once again where does thatleave me? Trying to hide the emotional dependancy I’ve unwillingly placed on an ex who’s only interested for the pupose of the game? And how would I go about such a great charade if I have no “happy” relationship to mask reality?!
Thinking about it logically I shouldn’t even be considering such selfish deception, but under these circumstances I can’t help it! So now I have to put in a ridiculous amount of effort into saving something thats barely still breathing on life support! Either that or I’ll have to go and find myself another relationship to ruin due to unresolved issues with the ex… And that just seems illogical!
Or I could just join Jodie in London 5 months from now… I have no choice but move on if Im 70 miles away! Seriously considering a fresh start!