Lets talk about sex…

Stereotypically men have always been the gender with an unjustifiable active sex drive, there is no denying that women in relationships are regularly portrayed as ‘cock blocks’ for their own partners. “I’ve got a headache” or “I’m too tired” are common phrases associated with the cold shoulder men receive before rolling over to embark on an action-less night’s sleep.
I can admit that even for an independent 21st century woman my sex drive can be higher than most, something that’s never caused me any issues in the past… Granted the majority of my serious relationships have stemmed from casual arrangements where sex was mutually appreciated and craved from the start, but regardless of how bad the stability of my associations where the sex remained a strong contender as to why they remained.
Maybe I’m used to guys just wanting me for their own benefits, until now I can’t remember being with anyone who actually enjoyed cuddles under the cover, kisses and crap TV three times a week, but I find it strange that sex seems so low down on this list of priorities when its such a necessity to me! It’s understandable that after a lengthy period of time as a couple it gets harder to keep the spark alive, but six weeks and no official status… where’s the nymphomania when you need it?
And of course this issue then joins forces with all of those evil, over-common concerns we as females have when we start to question whether we fulfil our man’s needs… Does he have needs, does he actually find me attractive or is there someone else out there doing my job for me?
I’m a strong believer that a healthy sex life is extremely important between two people intimately involved. And how can I consider a future with someone who makes me question myself? Like I need any additional insecurity’s to add to the list… Erghhhh if only I knew there was a good f*ck lying right around the corner to sort my head out, instead I just foresee a ridiculously awkward conversation!