It’s in the stars!

I was reading and felt inspired to delve into my yew year’s predictions, amd of course share them with your lovely selves…
“Highly persuasive, Scorpio’s represented in the zodiac by the symbol of the secretive scorpion, are those passionate and magnetic individuals who were born between October 24th and November 21st. Scorpio has no problem excelling in whatever they do and this interesting sign possesses a number of admirable qualities beginning with an intensity that is rarely seen that allows them to achieve challenging goals that others deemed impossible.
The year of 2012 could bring with it a few dramatic changes for Scorpio who must continue to rely on their boundless energy to fully enjoy what lies ahead.”

Ok so this is looking positive! I love reading the overall personality description attached to my astrological sign, I admire my character traits after revelling in the flattering words used to describe my social demeanor. Scorpio’s are usually depicted as strong emotional individuals, loyal to the extent of  portraying borderline obsessive behaviour, grudge is a word we have reconciled with many a times. This sudden interest in my future predicted by the unknown is somewhat uncharacteristic of myself, I’m not usually a dedicated horoscope follower, the belief that one’s future is mapped by aligning planets and patterns of the stars seems slightly impracticable to the logical brain.

So let’s begin with the past and see how accurate Company’s resident physic astrologer really is… JANUARY – Your love life looks a whole lot brighter in 2012, and what happens on the weekend of the 7th encourages you to think in terms of ‘bigger, better’ this winter, through to spring. Once Venus, the goddess of partnership, moves to your intimacy zone on the 14th, everything starts to come together (including you, possibly) and although it’s annoying that the man in question has two or more women hanging on his every response, there is a way out. Just join forces with the women and have some fun at his expense. Of course, the final choice is yours. If the situation mid-month feels too intense or painful, you can walk away. There will be another lover by May as an option.
See the only man  physically present in my life during the month of January was Gavin, and that was limited to a lot of on and off behavior. To my knowledge there was no other idiot ‘hanging on’ to his every word, he better have not been involved with two or women! In all honesty the month was pretty insignificant, if anything negative, concerning all matters of the heart… Another lover by May however is an interesting idea, and one I’m not overly fond of… From experience adding individuals to the equation is never a good idea. Three’s a crowd after all!
FEBRUARY– Fantastic news. After years of confusing episodes, and patches of real chaos, you can now live in your own home, or move to a new one, without concern. Your family situation has also been muddled, and occasionally in anarchy, these past few years. That cycle is over too. You are on solid ground now. What isn’t solid (at all) is the wonderful world of sex. And also children, if your man has kids. There are just no boundaries at all. In fact, near Valentine’s Day, it all feels wide open, as if there are no more barriers or rules. This makes for the kind of sex you thirst for, and go back for – or perhaps it’s the other person who is addicted. Still, this has to be put on solid ground, too.
Ok so now I have given up all faith in this monthly prediction of the future 12 months. We’ve entered February and in this circumstance the prediction is a year too early! There will be no moving of any sort in the forseeable future, blame my financial situation for that one… I’ll take the sex though! It has gotten off to a rather satisfying start so who knows!?
So I have decided to switch to in the hope for a more accurate reading, or at least one I can’t prove ridiculous!
Love in 2012 for Singles: Scorpio’s aren’t the type to walk up to an attractive stranger and hit on him. They have a way of simply looking at appealing people without saying a word. Eventually, the other person will make an approach – probably about if you know each other. This leads to a conversation about people whom they might know and other topics of conversation. You may find yourself meeting someone this way this year, and talk way into the wee hours of the morning. And you should not let your new friend leave until you have his phone number! The initial attraction of a Scorpio is the intensity of her gaze, and that knowing little smile. Scorpio’s are masters of innuendo, and if you’re still casually seeing one person, you might trigger some jealousy in another. This will only enhance the mystique you have – if nothing else, for a while you and at least one of these people will have a good time. Even if one of you moves on, you’ll remember it forever.
Ok so it’s not extremely exciting or intellectually challenging or informal, I can’t help but question the quality of the writing style either! However, it is slightly intriguing… I personally have my own idea about the way in which my romantic future will plan out, well I have two in fact. One is ideal, the route in which I intend to take providing participation could lead me to the ‘happy ever after’ every girl is looking for, the other is a little more adventurous, the path youthfulness will find it difficult to ignore… But we shall see, I’ll bear in mind their suggestion of intense stareing, in order to attract new admirers!
Personal and Social Life in 2012:If you’re one of the lucky ones who have investments or savings, Scorpio, you could already be ahead, recession or no recession. While too many of your friends and family members are frantically counting their pennies, your present lifestyle is only slightly less than it once was. Still, there are other matters that need to be dealt with. Perhaps a tree in your yard is dying or an unexpected accident happens. For this, you’re going to need help. The New Moon in Scorpio falls on November 13, so you can expect some interesting new developments around this time. You could move to a new house, start a new job, or, if you’re single, start a new love relationship. Deep down inside, you’re concocting new possibilities, such as starting your own business or selling an innovative concept to an entrepreneur. Changes can be good for you – even if they don’t work out as originally planned.
Now I definitely have no prosperous investments and your all aware of my disastrous financial situation so the first few sentences are evidently there to immensely depress me! No tree’s to tend for either, an odd and insignificant idea to place into such a broad 12 month review if you ask me! Positively the prediction does suggest some interesting change and ironically I have been considering the idea of an individual business venture, I am usually not a fan of having to adapt to alterations in my own life but for once I’m looking to embrace any adventures that come my way.
Career and Money in 2012: Scorpio’s rarely enjoy being an underling. They view themselves as smarter than anyone else at the workplace. They don’t, however, rub their skills in other’s faces. Their supervisors and co-workers are very much aware that they are clever people who don’t mind hard work. Scorpio’s don’t mind working overtime, and they are rarely late for work. They mean to get their job done, and they almost never really mess up. This year is no exception. You can accomplish career feats you never expected if you put your serious work ethic into full throttle. The Scorpio’s of this world pass on too many breaks and get on with the job. Sometimes colleagues who like to go to lunch together wonder what their Scorpio co-workers think of them. You may find yourself alienated or isolated at work, so make an effort to be a bit more social if you want to fit in better. You can climb to the top and make friends, Scorpio!
For me 2012 is all about my career, regardless of where it will take me there will be change and progression present in the next 12 months. The above also strongly depicts my place in the workforce, I work hard, know more than most and those arounde me know it! Only dispute I do have is regarding ‘making friends’, why would I team up with the same individuals who cause the errors I fix and the complaints I log, they will play no part in my progression so why waste my time?
So 2012, I already knew it was going to be a good year, regardless of what the endless amount of jargon is plastered over the internet claiming to know what the future holds. We make our own luck, rewards are offered from dedication and hard work. It is however nice to believe that there is a higher astrological power out there working in your favour… I may even look into my Chinese N ew Year’s predictions… Just for the amusement!