The attention you thought you wanted…

That incredibly awkward moment when you know someone is trying to tell you they like you, and you do everything physically possible to act deaf and dumb to the blatant hints! 
There’s this guy at work, we’re totally on the same wavelength and I think his a truly amazing friend, considering he appears to be the only accomplice I have within the centre who possesses a brain I can’t afford to lose my link to sanity… If I was in a position where I wanted to even consider dating it would be a possibility I’d access. His not my usual type (not that I have a stereotypical taste in men, I’m renowned for my diverse selection of ex boyfriends) but this one would be slightly out of the box thinking even for me… not that I’d looking to jump into a relationship with anyone who works less than 15 feet away from me again anytime soon anyway, but considering the awkward and unexplainable situation I’m in with G I have very little interest in anyone else romantically speaking.
So playing the naive I have no idea that it could be me, let me name every other female under the age of 35 until I run out, give up and demand to know, hoping he doesn’t actually tell me… I don’t want to make things awkward but have no idea to get out of a situation such of this one without sticking my foot into a terribly awkward dilemma. I know I was complaining about not having any male love interests but now I take it back, I need clear paths and direction in my life and I’ve already decided my route for the near future… Distractions are not an option, on the plus side I do need to test my dedication and will power when faced with possible obstacles of the heart- even if it is for a cause that may eventually determine itself lost. It will after all be a valuable life lesson to take forward as a character building exercise!