Got to love the arrogance?

How can you be repulsed by someone yet at the same time feel a remote attraction to their arrogant and obnoxious self? It’s common knowledge that women are drawn to the things, and to people who are bad for them, I think there’s a certain age where bad boys and players become mind numbing dull, maturity enhances and the brain has realised how to take control before the heart gets a look in.

There’s this guy, just to real off the facts he cheated on his ex-girlfriend more times than I can count on two hands with naive and immature girls who worked alongside them both, he caused Jodie a trip to A&E after she tried to top herself on a night out after finally realizing the truth about him and his then partner, whilst trying to sleep with me in the hospital! Mr B has no standards, it is evident he has delusionally lead himself to believe any living, breathing female was placed on this planet to sleep with, the man shows no respect for women and has no regard for their feelings and to top it off is merely average looking and skin crawlingly irritating. 

You all know the type of guy I’m referring too, the type that get what they want by acting so arrogant they become alluring, the odd compliment they throw your way keeps you enticed, the danger of getting hurt encourages the thrill whilst you wonder if you will be the ‘one’ he falls for, besides you can’t help but believe no one that regular can be so in love with themselves, they must be acting up in a seemingly transparent attempt to hide their own insecurities.

Truth is they’re not acting, they genuinely are that self-absorbed with a one track mind dedicated to sex!  Mr B does however have one use, he keeps me entertained at work every now and again. See it amuses me to know I am able to get away with being heartlessly ruthless, he fails to believe I mean the insults hurled in his direction describing both his appearance and personality… His ignorance allows me to express my distaste to his presence without offending a soul! Unsuprisingly this makes for a humourously balanced partnership, I enjoy being ruthless and he relishes at the thought of a challenge. This is one challenge even Mr B will fail miserably at every attemp,t but it sure is fun watching him try! 

All of this random character contemplating struck me today after discovering how my mood considerabley lifted while spending half an hour of my day insulting an individual who’s smug expression forces me to imagine repeatedly smacking him over the head with a heavy metal object… Ironic!