Moving on…

So I know I said I wasn’t going to be looking for any form of serious relationship anytime soon but I think i may have to take that back… I miss being part of a couple, I miss cuddles in front of really uninteresting television the most, followed shortly by sex on tap… and then cuddles in bed… Ok so mainly I miss cuddles and sex, I don’t specifically have to be in a relationship for those two aspects, but I do need to lose my current situation…
No cuddles, very little sex and feeling utterly worthless and lost is so not a great comparison… Erghh what am I doing with my life? I hate men!! Especially one in particular.
This is Smudge in a very bad and frustrated, not to mention lonely and unloved mood… So I’ve decided I’ve had enough.
I give up and I’m moving on; I’m never going to win nor gain the elements I miss the most out of what we had, so why bother? He can go off and find his threesome and I’ll locate someone who actually gives a f*ck and can give me what I need (I don’t think I’m asking for a huge amount to be honest)
Why should I punish myself, his already done that… Now I’m just torturing myself, pointless! 

After this week… I need one last fix (who knows how long it could be before I find another more suitable buddy!!)