Back from the dead..!

Do you ever have a serious case of de-ja-vu, or maybe it could just be considered old ghosts coming back to haunt you..? See in the past week there have been several ex’s I rarely communicate with who have decided to unexpectedly pop up out of the blue, some with alterier motives, other’s just out of sheer boredom but the facts remain… They have re-entered the conscious thought with their presence.
I touched upon my conversation with Benjamin, which some how ended with a topless photo of him spontaneously appearing on my phone to my horror (and slight delight as I seriously detest his partner and may need some evidence to destroy her life in the future, it’s even more satisfactory when it just jumps onto my Blackberry without any work on my part involved)… So that conversation once again left off and his moment of madness seems to have eased off and conversation has reverted back to his love of the gym and motorbikes.
Then there’s Matthew, no not that one (although he did send a complimentary I miss you text I had to awkwardly divert)… this one goes by the name of Phillips, a fling that got a tad too serious back in the Waitrose days of my life and died over a year ago. Phillip’s now has a long-term girlfriend yet feels the need to text me at least once a day, call be beautiful and confess his desire for cuddle’s with me due to the cold. Amused? I am, his always been this way and it has never failed to confuse me… But considering I thought my phone was broke today until I received a text from him I need him for some outside sanity! Oh and a little ego boost!
Steven Rea, the man who succeeded Benjamin, the one that looks like a complete bad boy, a prison record to back up the evidence yet some how fell madly deeply in love with me and ruined the reason I was with him in the first place, to fill the empty void I thought was present that goes by the name of Zane. It took me a fortnight to shift him out my house after we split up (a crazy suicide attempt on Halloween was not what I wanted to deal with at the age of eighteen), god knows how he ended up living with me in the first place! Steven has continuously re-appeared since we split up, despite finding the time to have a baby with his own ex and remaining in a relationship with her… His advances have always been denied as I have no intention of involving myself with double the crazy, and last night unlike to other he popped up only this time he was slightly more direct with his tactics after undeniably boring and awkward chit-chat
“Can I have one more night, no strings sex with you”… At this point I couldn’t control the laughter, to which I asked why, intrigued to discover the logic to such a stupid question, and it was definitely worth the time the conversation took out of my evening… “Because you have a gorgeous body and you’re stunning, my kryptonite”
See this single business seems to be working wonders, I should be feeling pretty amazing, yet the one ex I don’t want to let go is considering doing so… I just have all of these annoying demons from the past harassing me for sex! You’d think they would have forgotten by now, Lord knows I have! 
Today also saw the return of two of my earliest partner’s… Ashley, that lower school sweetheart (he gave me a beenie baby monkey one summer I cherished for months) whom I spent over 3 years of my life in and out of childish relationships with re-added me on Facebook (I wasn’t aware we were no longer friends to tell the truth) and unexpectedly similtainiously decided we needed a catch up, there was the good times- holding hands during story time and the bad- the cold shoulder for a game of football!  Eventually we drifted apart but there was a time where I thought marriage was on the cards! I can’t believe his in his second year of uni in Sheffield, it’s strange to contemplate how out worlds were once so close and are now so different! The second was Shane, my first actual proper relationship who just like the others has been out of my life for what feels like ever emerged for another seemingly pointless conversation just to remind me of my past.
So too conclude that’s six ex’s that have decided they need to speak/sleep/perve on me within the last 5 days, I’m evidently in demand… Even saying this amuses me and also leaves me slightly bemused! I just feel a little disconcerted with the men of my past, how awkward it makes me feel remembering what I was like back, it’s no doubt half of them just expect me to just want to sleep with them… I’ve been a tad promiscuous in the past if you haven’t already gathered. It does however mean I’ve evolved, I’m not even slightly tempted to sleep with any of them… Ok don’t judge but it’s an achievement for me, it means I don’t need a man’s acceptance to be happy with myself, it’s me I need to impress no one else!