“His so incompetent he can’t even do a U-turn properly”

So this week has seen unemployment figures rise yet again under our current government, a government I voted for in the last general election. I am not ashamed to say my cross was marked against the Conservative party, and that cross was made by a then 18 year-old, working class, female who stereotypically should be voting Labour or Liberal right?
When we mark our ballot and signify our commitment to one political party theoretically we are suggesting our morals and expectations are in line with their own, after-all are we not hoping to place them in the post powerful position of the United Kingdom? The world is literally at their feet!  But I have to question do I agree with all their policies? Do I think they will be able to successfully govern our country out of the current economic state records suggest it’s in? Will I benefit from any legislation or policies they are able to pass during their reign of power? No, the answer is most probably a negative on all of the above questions, so why vote for a party I evidently don’t possess full faith in?
The best out of a bad bunch springs to mind. With the power of the EU and the political pressure from other world-class players, cuts on spending, budget restrictions, the media’s influence on the electorate and interest in all conversations participated in behind closed doors and the rest we are still unaware of the power of our government could be considered weak, throw in a coalition and the prospect of Labour regaining some political respect David Cameron could not be blamed for going to sleep thinking his fighting a losing battle.
Rumours are fife that we could be slipping into a second recession, from a personal point of view I never really considered myself in the first one, I managed to secure two different job positions, my salary has increased- a small amount but every little counts and to be honest I never had any spare finance when the money market was booming! Unemployment has risen to 2.68 million according to the Guardian after the previous quarter’s figures hit hard, at Prime Minister’s Questions Ed Miliband hurled continuous comments to Cameron regarding youth unemployment, the sector hit hardest now apparently standing at 1.04 million. Miliband contested David Cameron’s attempts to shy away from such figures by informing the Commons that in the past year we have 147000 young people out of work for more than 6 months an increase of a shocking 102%, to which we then heard unemployment amongst young people is up by 7% over the past quarter- not the 40% increase we saw under labour and that the 24600 young individuals who have been out of work for over 12 months has actually decreased by 11000.

The undeniable highlight of the 33 minute long debate came when the Labour government questioned the Tories on their consistency, an evidently proud Cameron responded by personally attacking the opposition’s leader with the comment  “His so incompetent he can’t even do a U-turn properly” after ridiculing the party by outing their own incompetence, Labours shadow chancellor stated “my starting point is we are going to have to keep all of the cuts”, yet the party’s deputy leader declared a day later they were not accepting the Government cuts and are fighting them! A wounded Miliband took a couple of seconds to regain composure after the obvious defeat before changing tactics!
There are several different schemes the Conservative government have put in place to help secure Britain back into work, over three million have been aided by various work programs, 25000 young people have undertaken places in work experience with half out of the benefit system within two months and there are also over 400000 apprenticeship schemes similarly working to reduce unemployment figures. Action is being taken but over a million jobs cannot be expected to magically appear overnight when businesses are struggling to survive with the workforce they currently obtain, Government heads are only mere humans not fairy god mothers  after all.
Questions have to be asked as to who we as the nation, the individuals this crisis will affect first is to trust, the politicians themselves, surely they should know the figures like the back of their hand, or the media the only source most will familiarize itself with? At the moment it appears the two do not mirror themselves and one cannot help but wonder why!? I can’t imagine things are going to get any brighter within the forseeable future so my thoughts are with all of those who have been negatively affected by the seemingly doomed economic state of not only the country but the entire world… There is a proven economic cycle that should begin kicking in to take up to a brighter place. We can’t remain this way forever right?