Another one bites the dust…

I’m starting to think I may have some issues, I mean undiscovered ones to add to the increalingly long list I’m already aware of.
There goes another relationship and I’m not too sure how or why, the past week or so seems to have passed by in a blur of unsettlment, a period of uncomfortable silence and exhausting thoughts. I have no emotions left, I can’t cry nor laugh- I am just numb with confusion. A blank stare, a blank mind and an unconsolable ache, and that consistant thought that any pain I feel or have caused is due to my own actions… There is never anyone to blame but myself.
I’ve heard we should never listen to double, but without doubt how are we supposed to assess a situation’s positive and negative attributes? I doubted my actions today before I had even undertook them yet before I knew it they were complete and my relationship status was about to change. Single, and now I’m left all alone. To be completely alone is an feeling I have not experience for a little over a year, there has always been someone there, ready and willing to pick me up, brush me off and take me on as their own. Now I just have myself, now I have to start again- no love interest, no foridden romance, no one to hold when I need consoling, just no one.
One cannot be happy with others until one is happy with themself.