Looking to the future

I focus a lot on the things I don’t have in life, I’ve never thought that may be why I don’t have all the things I want. If I learn to appreciate the achievements I have accomplished and the things I am able to do then I could find a way of utilizing them to realise my goals.
The past is the past for a reason, and if it chooses to leave me behind then there is no reason why I shouldn’t hesitate to turn my back and walk away.
Affairs of the heart will always temporarily stunt our growth, momentarily elevate you beyond reality to send you plummeting back down to earth. Take every day as it comes, let go of the things your clinging onto despite their ability to do nothing but send tears rolling down your cheeks, smile a little be more and don’t take life to seriously.
Whatever we achieve or fail to succeed at is left behind when we go anyway! Live your life for you, think of what you want not what is reasonable… Any desire can be achieved.
To moving on with life, wherever it may take me… Let the history live on in my memories but not prevent my future!
Everything and everyone that is still in my life is hanging on for a reason, and I love them for that.
– I’ve been a terrible blogger lately, but I have big plans, just wait and see =D  It will be worth it!