And the Clock Stroke Midnight

Im not the post positive of people and I’m irrationally over-expectant of myself, consequently my emotions can dip, spiralling me into a period of self-pity and misery. The smallest things can set my mind into a negative state, resulting in though trail of all the things I want to achieve yet seem unable to accomplish.
The past few days couldn’t have set my New Year off to a much more horrendous start- tears, tantrums, isolation and wondering thoughts consumed most of the past 48 hours  leaving me emotionally drained and lacking the will to even dream of a happier future. And the most terrifyingly dangerous part is the one thing that inspired me to drag my sorry self out of bed is the one thing that could set my current emotional state into overdrive and send me ricocheting further into my own isolated thoughts.
Sometimes bad idea’s need to be acted upon to remove them from the thought stream, it is never a good concept to fester on the possibilities of choices never perused, however scary the encounter may be. Face your fears and be free