Oh I wish it could be Christmas Everyday!

So another Christmas has been and gone, it’s difficult to believe that over a month’s worth of continuous Christmas songs, late night shopping and amounting debt is for just a mere 24 hours.

It has been suggested that as the years progress the real spirit of Christmas is being lost… Gone are the day’s where the 25th of December is celebrated as a religious holiday, but should we expect any more? As scientific studies continue to prove religious theories incorrect, church attendance decreases yearly and parents allow their children to form their own views and opinions rather than forcing religion upon young and uninformed minds, is it really surprising Christmas day has become more about ourselves than the mysterious birth of baby Jesus thousands of years ago?
For me this Christmas has been the first where the importance of gifts has been matched by that of quality time with the family. There wasn’t a moment where I wished I was somewhere else or received something different. Most people say Christmas is for children, yet my 7-year-old sister came round and it was evident she didn’t appreciate a thing she unwrapped, for her it was all about how many large wrapped boxes were hidden under the brightly lit tree, and when they run out? Well we had to endure ‘Im bored’ on repeat for over half an hour before a unanimous decision they should retreat home to check the turkey!
So next stop is New Year’s eve, with as little hard work in between as possible! Bringn the alcohol, the quality time with those very special people and a great way to enter the next chapter… 2012, more about me and less about men! I have all I need now, I just need to learn how to utilize it to my own benefit! 
I hope you all had a fabulous day and enjoy an amazing New Year… Merry Christmas