Somewhere to call my own…

Everything I have is someone else’s… Nothing in my life can be considered my own. And if I don’t own any of the things that make me happy then I have no control over how long they last, I can’t prevent them from being ripped out from under the not-even-close-to-perfect bubble I live in.
People say money can’t buy you happiness, these particular people are referring to the fact that friends and family, love and affection should all come for free- but one cannot live off love alone! When I look at my lift and source the causes of unhappiness they all lead back to one fundamental element, or the lack of it. Money!  There are people out there who are happy with getting by, after all your not sinking if day-by-day your managing to stay afloat. I am not one of those people, I can imagine the person I want to be, the things I want to own and the goals I would be able accomplish if the resource was there… But it isn’t, nor is it going to magically appear over night! Maybe I need to actively go after what I want, what I can spend hours fantasizing over, chase the dreams rather awaiting them to become reality on their own, one opportunity could change a person’s life forever- I just need to find that chance and make it reality.
One day I will have my own house, decorate it in my own way and finally have somewhere of my own to call home. One day I’ll have a job I can be proud of, maybe even call my own, doing something I love. Or maybe my life will be as mundane, repetitive and uninteresting as all those people that settled for stability.