12 for 2012… Well maybe

I’ve never been an overly adventurous person, over the past 20 years I’ve enjoyed an idealistic view of life yet remained in a comfortable environment revolved around planning, structure and safety.I admire those who actively seek change, who take a step out of normality to experience the unknown. I recently read the list of a young woman… Over a hundred things she wanted to do before she died- she was no more than the age of 25 yet had already completed over a third of said list, it made me wonder what I have actually accomplished… What chances I had taken, even tried to take and the list was almost non-existent… 
There’s not much left of 2011 so I’ve began looking at what possibilities may occur in the next 12 months, I never have a clear plan with clear goals to work towards when I enter a new year… So I’ve decided to start, with the following…  
See Paris
Re-visit Ibiza
Advance my career, or maybe even change it completely… Find something I can learn to love
Move out- or at least have some savings to get me there at the start of 2013
Have a pretty amazing 21st… I’m thinking London or Liverpool! 
Is it sad that I started this list with the intention of having 12 points, 12 things I’m looking to do, or see, even achieve and I’ve managed to muster up only half of that?.. Even my imagination isn’t adventurous, so I guess it’s too be continued.