The morning after the night before

So last night was the night of my own department’s Christmas party, initially attending was not planned as I had previously agreed to go to another festive do, however as the night went on the and buzz of the original arrangement wore off I decided to gatecrash my own area’s night out to find my boyfriend a paralytic mess.

I am aware of his inability to handle drink, I have not however witnessed the full blown mess he was last night, Matthew after a few too many miraculously turns into one of the biggest sex pests I have ever seen , and I’ve dated a few!  Everything with a chest who he has previously conversed with at some point in his life became a target of attraction, every time I looked round he was practically attached to or grinding on the nearest female he could find. To my knowledge he managed to make it through the night an innocent man, my argument was when you know your girlfriend is in the same room, there are people around you that are aware of your romantic situation and know us both ,show a bit of respect. Had I arrived in a similar state whilst he remained practically sober, and latched onto every remotely attractive man I could fine I’m sure he would of had an opinion to voice, but when he does it apparently I’m being irrational due to my own trust issues! Double standards are not a relationship quality I will allow anywhere near my own!

Despite all this I do trust Matt, I believe he has never cheated in his life and isn’t about to start now but trust wasn’t the reason why the issue was raised in the first place, it was about having a regard for his partner’s feelings and understanding the perception produced  from his actions. Alcohol is no excuse, just like being a man is no excuse, although sometimes it is questionable there is in fact a fully function brain inside that head of his so I expect him to use it! If you can’t handle your drink ,don’t drink it!

Am I overeating? Was the fact I was no where near drunk enough to tolerate and appreciate the mess he was in clouding my mood and turning me into a jealous, possessive kill joy? Or am I right in thinking regardless of where you and who you are with if you are in a relationship you should consciously be aware of your actions and the impression they are going to emit? I personally have learnt my lesson from previous relationships and am now aware of my own alcohol intake limit… I know when to stop so my moral and inhibitions are still in tact, that way I am perfectly aware of the situations I am placing myself in. At 25 I have to question how he has managed to remain in one piece as that little drop of wisdom seems to have passed him by!  

If the light of it all, and the cold sober morning sunshine the arguments been and gone now, in all truth he was too intoxicated to understand last night and too ignorant to appreciate my concerns this morning!  I don’t enjoy picking fights, especially ones I know will no doubt be repeated the next time I allow him to venture out of the house alone for a booze fuelled boys piss-up (not anytime soon I hasten to add) it’s just another exhibit of him not taking our relationship seriously and undermining my ability to actually become an active part of his life.

Boys will be boys, shame he hasn’t grown into a man yet!