Match made in heaven?

So what exactly is the perfect relationship? Or more importantly does it actually exist?

When you’re with someone you can’t help but scrutinize every aspect of your relationship, the smallest, insignificant things end up magnified in our search to find something amiss… See today there always has to be something wrong, we’re so addicted to bettering everything around us we find it almost impossible to appreciate and realise what we already have. I cannot remember how many time I have fallen into this trap, how many healthy relationships have faulted due to my expectations of more and eagerness to criticize. We live in a world where people are 10 times more likely to express dissatisfaction than share contentment. What does that tell you?

Take me and M for example, technically we should still be flying high on that over-hyped honeymoon period of a relationship, however things have settled back into routine and it’s scarily as if nothing had ever disrupted us. Considering the fuss I created first time round you’d think that would be the issue concerning me most, in fact looking back I never had a problem with ‘how fast the relationship was moving’ and the amount of time we spent together- I enjoyed it. It was comfortable, reliable and warm… Not the top three necessities of love for most 20-year-old girls, but it’s something I’ve never allowed myself to enjoy and surprisingly I could get used to it.  

There probably isn’t any actual problems with my relationship, every couple have their fair share of unsettling pet hates- unfortunately when you bring two people together, however compatible they appear life will never be plain sailing. Personalities will clash, tantrums will be had, compromises made and in the end if your strong enough you will inevitably kiss and make up. We will never be truly satisfied with our partner because unfortunately they have their own mind, consequently they will always do things their own way… Even if it is just to prove ours is better!  I guess what I’m trying to say is I need to look past the minor flaws I see in our relationship and focus on the positives, the happy times we spend together and the future we could build.  

I can imagine I’m a nightmare to be romantically attached to, I’m spoilt, selfish, insecure and demanding. I try to see things from a different perspective but it isn’t always easy when I’m attempting to make a point, I will never back down and despise being wrong- losing is not an option (unless in a physical battle… I don’t stand a chance then!) When I think about all the character flaws he has to put up with I should really cut him some slack, after all I may bitch and moan but I chose him and knew exactly what I was letting myself in for! A little more affection and romance without being instructed several times to do so wouldn’t go a miss though!