Where the hell has the year gone? I can’t even remember where I was this time last year so I’ve decided to create a mental timeline of the past twelve months,
January- Still in Direct and single as far as I can remember… So if otherwise it wasn’t overly exciting!
Febuary- Me and Jode moved out to 219 The Pinnacle for over 6 months of crazy times… Barbecue on the Balcs, Luau on the Balcs, Rave night just to name a few… Emotional times
March- The Sunnyside drama began thanks to my cousin’s poor social connections.
May- Left direct and joined my current department! Met Gavin, DRAMA
June- Things continued with me and Stuart, emotions ran high but progression was no where in sight. In all honesty I can’t remember what happened over these few months… Life was all a bit crazy, alcohol intake was high and the train ran off the track a bit! Another one bites the dust, all ties are broken with Zane!
July-  The first relationship for a long time came and went… Commitment scares me!
August- Me and Gavin split for the first time and Matthew appeared on the scene
September- IBIZA baby, Bournemouth times oh and Jodie’s baby… Aunty Danni time! Oh and single Danni
October- Jodie moved out and I and attempted to make things work this G after a turbulent couple of months.
November- Bye bye Stupot! I entered adulthood and left my home. Consequently things broke down between me and Gavin and things came to a not so happy ending! 
And so I’m back at the 1st of December with the another year ahead.. I do hope it is a lot less dramatic, I guess the rest is all history!
Oh and by he way how depressing was that, people have entered my life over the past year, some I never wanted to lose others were pushed out of my life for the better. Hearts were broken, hangovers achieved, tears cried and a lot of laughter generated yet I’m sitting here less than cheerful!
Owwww I think I’m hungry, and sleepy and extremely grumpy right now… And evidently nostalgic!