Turning tables..?

Stereotypically it is men who play women for a fool where matters of the heart are concerned, and scientifically this should always be the case. Men are a lot more emotionally hardened when it comes to relationships, social stigma keeps such spirit alive so unfortunately for us unless we lock those dreams of a fairytale ‘happy ever after’ away we will always succumb to the power of possibility and the allure of what if this one is ‘the one.’ Females are identified to typically allow their hearts rule their heads, logical thinking is not a character trait most are gifted with and those who look at ‘love’ with an unemotional perspective are labelled cold-hearted bitches.
This is why when contemplating relationships, past, present and future possibilities we can often look at ourselves as a victim. Name an individual who at one point in life has not lost her mind, disregarded her common sense and questioned some morals in order for a man, for one night of passion or the want of something more? I have been played in the past. Manipulated, used, underappreciated and belittled, but I am not about to get the violins out! I chose to stay in a relationship that made me miserable because I was naïve to reality, that in fact if I was not with this one good for nothing individual my life could and would continue, in fact it would better itself. Eventually I escaped the power held over me, broke the spell that insinuated love and moved on, since then I’m sure there have been times I have been used and manipulated by others promising something they were not prepared to offer, but if they didn’t hurt do they really matter?
My point to this post actually contradicts the previous two paragraphs, I am starting to believe that as generations progress, women become dependant on no one but themselves and begin to look beyond the white picket fence and 2.4 children, the delicate balance between male and females may be shifting in our favour! All this because we have learnt to always expect more in an endless search to better ourselves, why settle for a man that makes you averagely happy when the possibility of finding a partner who can support you to become a better individual and consequently appreciate all that you are is an option. Are we setting ourselves up for failure? Or are we beginning to embrace and use our power of seduction and manipulation for our own selfish benefit? And is so, is that really such a negative thing?
I don’t know about you but there is fewer satisfactory buzzes than knowing you have convinced a male to do something they really did not want to do for your own benefit. Does it make me a bad person that I want a man who will regularly surprise me with expensive gifts? Materialistic maybe, but why do I not deserve them? Am I asking too much? Are we pushing the boundaries or relationships too far, or just to the next level? Maybe if men manned up and enforced their power we would not take advantage when they show emotional vulnerability, sometimes I have to question who really wears the trousers?!