Cruel Intentions

A change from the usual tedious posts relating to my ever so dramatic love life, I have some society based issues I need to rant about for a while!
Facebook… A social networking site, originally created for friends to connect and converse has appeared to have become a playground for immature little girls to bully those evidently less secure with their image. Today a link has been floating round the alternative world of Facey B of a girl- no more than 16, posing in her underwear for several different photograph’s, now if your stupid enough to place these pictures on such a large social environment and leave them open to viewing by anyone and everyone you need to be prepared for some criticism. People are going to hate, some are going to perve and those slightly more mature are going to disbelieve the naivety of such an individual despite her age, but keep all judgements and opinions to themselves, after all it is not our life to destroy. The awkward fact of this situation is within a week this girl’s parents are going to become aware of what their uneducated daughter has done as the bullying she will face in person will destroy every last ounce of dignity and confidence she has, you can delete a Facebook profile but not people’s memories- realistically if you are truly secure with who you are you do not need to take suggestive images of yourself for attention no matter your age.
The reason for this post however, and the shear outrage came when another post appeared on my wall of a girl, 17 years of age in a bikini. This image was purposely taken off a different site and presented on another teen’s album with the sole purpose of ridicule and humiliation. The irony? This girl is of the same age is heavily f*cking pregant and she’s really sitting there on her high horse?! The victim of this attack is someone I am cyberly associated with… and is publically known for her adolescence rebellion. At such a young age she makes no effort to hide the fact she smokes like a chimney, drinks like a fountain and actively seeks to damage herself and reputation, ironically she lives just down the road from be… A quiet estate where nothing out of the ordinary ever happens- the girl even has a pony for Christs sake!
This entire character portrait leads me to question the youth of today, now don’t get me wrong I rebelled when I hit 16… Dated a complete wanker (19 with a kid, drug habit, criminal record and about as much respect for me than as I have for him now!), drank with my friends down the local park, smoked the odd spliff and stole the odd pair of earrings but deep down I was a good kid. A follower maybe, just a mere shadow of the individual I am today with severe confidence issues, I was known myself to occasionally hit the self-destruct button but nothing like this new generation of adolescence! I strongly believe that mistakes have to be made for ourselves to grow into the adult we’ll become during those imperative teenage years, the difference is doing so with the intention of ruining your day, and doing so purposely to ruin your life! There’s a line that should never be crossed, at such a young age these children are not mature enough to consider the true consequences of their actions.¬†
Another worry is why girls feel it necessary to be so mean, if they are not out looking for ways to destroy they’re own lives their targeting someone else’s! It is supposed to be the male gender that mature at a slower pace (and don’t get me wrong I don’t for a second question such theory) but teenage girls seem to be getting even more maliciously childish, add the internet and you have a recipe for disaster.
I look that this girl on my Facebook page and I see a scared child fighting desperately for attention and affection, trying desperately to prove her presence. Why do people her own age use this as an attack weapon to send her spiralling further out of control? I know of a young, and talented girl… a friend of the one this post is referring to who killed herself a few months back due to bullying. All of these girls involved mix in the same social circle and yet they forget what mean words and hate campaigns can do?Are they really so self-consumed they fail to see the bigger picture, even when it’s affected them personally?
Somethings just make me doubt the quality of humanity sometimes, is it so difficult to think before your act?