My apologies

Ok so I am aware it’s been over a week since I graced the presence of my own blog… Wooden spoon for most dedicated rambler! In my defence it has been a crazy 10 days… I’ve moved, I’ve decorated this and that, only just got the bloody wi-fi working and casually popped out to the o2 to see my one true love Mr Tinie T! *Cue sigh of adoration! Poor excuses I would presume to those dedicated bloggers but sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day, did I mention 10-12 hour shifts all last week earning that dollar!
I do however, have some images to depict the past frantic several days… Just to back my story up! Enjoy my lovers…

So it may look like I haven’t don’t much bar paint a chest,but I am just so proud of that bloody chest you see! I may be biased since it is my own work of art but I think it looks damn f*cking brilliant! All that’s left now is to purchase a black furry rug, two sets of rose fairy light garlands and finish painting the wretched walls… You can’t see but at present half are a nice and shiny white colour, the others are a dingy cream! But I’m getting there guys! Tinie was as usual AMAZING, I wasn’t supposed to be seeing im but due to a work colleagues clumsy husband stepping on their do me and Shannon got free tickets! Eeeeek.
It also happens to be my birthday tomorrow, out of the teens I’m afraid… The not so big and significant 2 0 is staring me right in the face, on a plus side presents! Whooop.
Oh and P.S thankyou to everyone that has taken however many seconds out of their life to  take a gander at my blog, to some people this is a not so exciting milestone but I’m pleased to say little old smudge love has totaled up nearly 2000 views in less than two months. So once again Danke Shon! Mwahhhh. x0