Positivity flows

Today I had my half-yearly review at work, and was extremely pleased to receive an exceed… Doesn’t mean anything to anyone else but to sum up that 45 minute meeting meant my manager actually see’s and appreciates the work I’ve put in over the past 6 months.
So now I just have to look forward, patience is a virtue I have never possessed but nothing comes instantly. I do believe that hard work and dedication pays off, life isn’t fair and there will always be people who seem to get ahead by licking someone else’s arse! I’ve never been that person, I’m too stubborn and opinionated to disregard my own morals and personality to cheat my way to the top. I get no greater satisfaction from succeeding from pure knowledge, confidence and ability, even better when I’m recognized for it. So time will tell if I really do have a business head on my not so sturdy shoulders, I definitely have the determination and drive, just need to work on my tolerance levels now. I’m only 19 after all, wouldn’t want to wish my career away!