Today… Happy day

So the boyf’s just popped out to the shop and I’d just like to take 2 minutes to point out the fact that today has been a good day. I haven’t cried once and even cracked a few smiles, record win for a while I think!
I’m feeling optamistic about things and hope, maybe, sometime soon I can find the exact direction I want to take in life. I have some decisions that need to be made, do I follow my heart or my head? Neither have worked out too logical in the past? Attempt to live the dream- one I have clarified exactly what ‘said’ dream is, or stick with making the best out of reality?
The next year’s going to be a crazy one, but maybe, no hopefullt, it will be one I can look back on and say ‘that was the year that changed my life?’ I will be 20 afterall… SHOCK!!