What a weekend

So I can think of better nights I’ve had, getting your drink spiked is not what I’d call a crazy time… not buzzing! And the constant nausea today has officially ruined my weekend… I don’t know how Jode does it? She’s throwing up constantly, case of morning, evening and nighttime sickness unfortunately!
There’s been other factors that have contributed to my not so great weekend. Found out the stalker from across the flats has recently been released from prison after 21 months for stabbing someone in the neck (lovely- I won’t be asking him to join the neighbourhood watch) This is the same person my cousin called on for help and allowed into my house when I was borderline unconscious!  He also turned up outside my door naked Thursday night pleasuring himself to allow Hannah to see a bit of a show! Normal behavior I think not.
G and M had a crazy argument, implicating me and throwing crazy threats around… Not too sure I agree with nuckle dusters and football squads being involved, so that was not an exceptionally fun situation to deal with. M and S have both deleted me off Facey B as apparently that’s a really mature thing to do. I’m going to have to start re-evaluation a certain friendship as to be honest loyalty is in serious question… Without saying too much I don’t think if the opportunity arose said individual would think twice about pursuing it, and I personally think it’s a really shady thing to do after everything that has been said. Some people are just not that genuine it appears.
Hoping this week will be a bit more of a win!