Decision time

Soo I’ve been avoiding posting for the past couple of days because writing things down seems so final. Everything has been crazy recently, split up with M, cut-off S completely, started seeing G again- started speaking to M again, even I don’t know whether I’m coming or flipping going these days!
But in all seriousness tonight has put it in perspective, I’ve needed to make a decision for the past week and the reason it’s been so hard is because there are feelings left for both guys. But I can’t risk losing G and although we’ve argued a lot lately trying to settle back into the way we were, I do think we can get there. I can’t jeopardize that, and therefore I’m going to have to cut M off… It’s not going to be easy and I don’t want to have to do it because without him around everything will be- well differnt! But in the long run its going to be best for everyone
I hope