Lets look past the good looking!

“Why do people become either more or less attractive as one gets to know them better?
The cognitive attributions related to the formation of intimate relationships is unabridged by the notion that human beings are influenced by various psychological entities that determine the method of perception. Each unique individual perceives their surroundings in divergent dispositions, causing various emotional responses to environmental stimuli.”
I was reading this article off of  http://socialworkingal.net/ ‘s blog, and it really got me thinking! Dangerous I know, but it’s not something that’s ever really stood out as an incident to me, it’s just happened.
Thinking back, on the one night stands, the flings, the casual dating, the actual dating and the relationships it’s interesting to see how my taste in men has differed- yet in the end I found the majority of them all equally sexually attractive. (There’s always going to be that select few where even I look back and think “Danni really? How bad of a place could you have really been in to go there?”)
Now I don’t like to think of myself as shallow, materialistic and spoilt maybe but when it comes to men looks have rarely been top of my list. I’ve often found myself wondering why the majority of my friends don’t share the same taste as me when it comes to guys, and rarely agree regarding the attractiveness of my relationship choices. But now it’s finally dawned on me, it’s because they don’t know them like I do, and I can’t get over how true the above article is!
There’s been several instances where I have just not been physically attracted to someone my own mind tells me is pleasing to the eye, and the reason why being because I can’t stand their personality! Arrogance and sexist attitudes are the two personality traits I despise in men, cockiness makes me want to smack them in the face not just into their bed! Unfortunately most good looking men, especially between the ages of 17-28 are aware of the power their handsome face and toned torso can have over some weak willed and slightly naive women, consequently conversing with them is my worst nightmare- consistent meaningless chatter about the gym, football, hair-gel and girls does nothing for me surprisingly enough!  Their shallow, self-centred attitudes turn me off faster than an 80 year-old man in his mankini! 
At least now I know it’s normal for non ascetic factors to influence your perception of someones attractiveness. The mind can play tricks on you at the best of time, and it’s  always better to be with a uggo because you’re in love with their personality and see past their rough exterior than that awkward moment you wake up, look to the left and realise you had one to many last night and slipped your bear goggles on!