Fight for your right

So today’s been a hideous day!  I don’t think I have been as angry in a place where my emotions should be restricted as I was during the 8 torturous hours I was at work! A certain individual is lucky they didn’t receive my fist in their face!  
Now it would be a lie if I said I wasn’t usually an aggressive person because honestly, I am. I have a very short fuse and frustration is usually the main cause of a major eruption. And today I have never been so frustrated in my life (well for a very long time anyway!). I’m an ambitious person and for a 19-year-old probably take my job a bit too seriously, but I can’t help it, I’m driven by success because success means recognition and praise not to mention a nice pay increase eventually!  Therefore I am territorial over my position at work, and as I have been training this person for the past month (apparently for my own development but I’m still dubious of some conspiracy to turf me out) it was inevitable they would take the lead for a period of time to demonstrate what they had learnt. This left me, well jobless! I am supposed to be solely responsible for queries when this switch around is in progress, however Jules, despite what she says is still hanging on to them for dear life- she’s the most experienced in the team and I think that letting me take control will put her in a similar predicament to the one I’m in now! Therefore I have nothing to do but fight for my place, and I will not apologize for the tears spilt today (in fact causing them gave me a little satisfaction- yes evil!)..
Let the battle commence! Wish me luck