Never will, Never can… Can’t hold us down

And they say she’s in the class A team
Stuck in her day dream, been that way since 18…

I am in love with Ed Sheeran at the moment, recently downloaded the album and I haven’t heard anything so real in a long time. ‘A team’,  to me just stands out in a league of its own. The message is more than just a lyric its a depiction of today’s society, it demonstrates how stereotypes have been broken, and to me strongly indicates how females as a gender have progressed into a higher position of authority. 
For those of you who have heard the song, your probably sitting there wondering how the hell I managed to link the two! After all the video follows the night of a prostitute, a profession no one would be proud to admit too (however the ‘secret diary of a call girl’ does make it look rather glamorous!) My logic stems from what I understand the lyrics to mean, this female is independent- failing at life but doing so alone in a very controversial yet real way, women are no longer painted as pretty little housewives standing patiently behind their husbands with a casserole in one hand and a pair of slippers in the other! Yes we have faults and  often live promiscuous lifestyles our grandparents would look at with disgust these days, but its being recognized as normal rather than shameful… Some may consider this a negative, I look at it as a necessity, every new generation of females are more adamant than the previous to prove their place in society. I know equality is something we were supposed to have achieved years ago, but there’s still an air, an idea, that suggests we are not as capable in life as men? Yet these days we have more balls than most males! In the words of Jessie J we can ‘Do it like a dude’, and we will do it better. ♥