Autumn/Winter wardrobe lust

So whilst I was desperately trying to cure my shopping withdrawal symptoms by ‘window shopping’– aka adding everything I would purchase if £10k just magically popped into my bank account! I’ve been thinking of my take on Autumn/Winter’s fashion line up, Summer’s practically over so It’s time to fold up my denim hot pants and retire them and my fake tanned bare legs to the back of the wardrobe! Looking though the site (now I do love a bit of Asos for its diversity of trends, 9 times out of 10 if your on their for a specific reason you’re going to be receiving a package within the next 3-5 working days that fulfills your needs. However you need a lot of dedication to trail through the thousands of items they display, and even more tolerance to ignore some of the hideous merchandise they think they can sell!) I have come to the conclusion that for me A/W is all about accessorizing, in the past I’ve focused on spending my hard-earned cash on actual items of clothing to cram into my over exposed wardrobes, some I still and will continue to wear others have been forgotten about on the way, accessories only tend to appear in my closet after a dash shopping spree for any occasion when an entire outfit is created in the matter of hours. But this year I’ve decided to step out of my comfortable clothing box and focus on accessorizing certain pieces in several ways to create completely different looks.
I’m buzzing off the faux fur trending which matches my usual beige, brown or black favourites and look forward to clinching everything in at my shrinking waist (been cutting down on the fast food guys) to form that perfect figure! Next thing on my agenda is to find that OMG coat to die for followed shortly by THE season lust healed booties and winter worthy handbag. I’ll keep you posted