Moving back… Or backwards?

Some would say moving back home is a serious step in the wrong direction of adulthood. Most would agree that once they’ve tasted their own independence living back with the family would be an almost impossible task. Apparently in the past 7 months I should have learnt various life changing realisations about myself and matured extensively. However, thinking about it the only things that have become apparent are that I’m terrible with finances, get depressed when I don’t have the funds for a retail therapy session, can live in a complete tip and am rather handy with a screw driver (flat-packs are no match for me!) In all honesty I was already aware of there 4 not so epiphany worthy revelations so no life lessons spring to mind! 
I’m lucky in the sense that since I turned 17 I was allowed unlimited freedom, it took a lot of compromise on both mine and my Mother’s behalf but we got there in the end and for the most part a balance was successfully formed. The only issue that reared its ugly head when I was back home was lack of space- I enjoy my company and more times than not if I’m not entertaining I am content on my own, my Mum was the opposite! But with a 4 story, 2 reception room and 4 bedroom townhouse physical space shouldn’t be a problem and for the past 7 months she’s been on her own and adapted surprisingly quicky- as well as gaining a social life busier than mine sometimes! To be honest I think she’s looking forward to moving back in together way less than me! I get my ‘bank of Mummy’ back- not that said facility went anywhere considering the amount of times she’s bailed me out! Not to mention my personal cook and cleaner…Win, win, win! She gets a messy, noisy and irrational 19-year-old. Oh dear! 
Realistically I don’t see my moving back as a failure, most people will think that I couldn’t hack it on my own, but if certain circumstances hadn’t arisen with my flat mate we’d be staying here. I’m still alive (haven’t starved to death or killed myself in any drunken antiks), haven’t filed for bankruptcy and we’ve managed not to completely destroy the flat. I have some amazing memories from this place and it’s sad to let go, but it’s all about progression throughout life and this will be a new chapter- even with the mother back in tow! 

On a completely different note there’s something that’s really doing my head in at the minute! Is it strange for a guy to actually be unable to sleep in your bed? G just can’t, which results in him leaving at some ridiculous time of the morning, more often than not whilst I’m still asleep, and me waking up without cuddle’s in the morning! He never used to be the best sleeper even back in the day when we were fine but now it just seems impossible, am I missing some kind of obvious reason or meaning to thing? What’s he going do to when I move? There’s a bit of a difference between a 10 minute walk home at 5 in the morning to a 50 minute one… I just really do not understand!  At least Barney’s always there! ^^ LOL
Oh and I think I need a new book to read, one that’s inspirational and life altering. My own life seems to need a bit of perspective putting back into it! Any suggestions? x0