That awkward moment when you realize the highlight of your Friday night is the new episode of Drop Dead Diva and Chase!
I feel quite restless, uneasy almost… There’s something playing on my mind but I can’t quite distinguish what it is. I feel like I need to make a decision- one that I will have to stick to, my consistent destruction can’t continue, I owe that to everyone at least. I know the decision that I should and want to make but I don’t trust myself to have the control to see it through.I’ve set myself a time limit, by the time I’ve moved out of here I want to at least be involved in something stable. I have a month left of crazy Danni, lets just hope change can be encouraged by desire.
On the plus point I think we’ve found THE house… Needs a bit of white washing but the space is amazing, and it’s a townhouse- Buzzing