Confusion of the heart?

The banter when your best friend has a dream about you and S getting married, followed shortly by a quick divorse- due to commitment issues on both behalves (surprise, surprise!)  S then turns to drink whilst I buzz off his new-found addiction… Who knows it may even come true, anything seems to be possible in my mess of a life. 
Saw G last night, missed snuggle time… However now I seem to feel differently about the other one, like I just can’t be bothered. I expected this to happen tbh, I always lose interest in S when I have the initial chase to focus on elsewhere… This may be slightly more controversial since there’s a history with G, but I will give  him credit for suddenly working me out, every game he plays is deliberately constructed for a reaction, and its bloody working. You can’t beat a good power struggle to be honest- Theres nothing more that I need to have in a relationship than control, once I have said control the interest fades, I already call the shots! It sounds bad but it’s just how I’ve been since god knows when_ possibly because it was the one think I lacked in my first serious relationship, I spent my time playing puppet to Z* I don’t even think I can give that car crash of a year enough credit to call it a relationship!
Tomorrow night should be a good night though- Marie Antoinette dress up in townage! Buzzing, if your lucky I’ll post a cheeky pic… BOOM♥