BoomBoom;BoomBoom… iWant you in my room!

The awkward moment when you have to physically run around your block of flats trying to hide from your new stalker! All I wanted to do was bloody get in, it wouldn’t be that difficult if Jode hadn’t lost both set of keys and I knew where the fob was! I was rather petrified, it’s not everyday you get someone perving through your window and sending you notes!
Stressful Tuesday today!- house hunting with the mother is not the most amazing experience of my life. I have an exact vision of what I want, and sadly it doesn’t seem to imitate hers! I can’t work out if moving back in with the m other is a good idea or an epic fail! At least I’ll have clean clothes and food on the table everyday! Can’t complain at that really, can you?
I’m still craving Nachos, but my buddies buddy is not so much my buddy anymore…! BOOM